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is a Lifestyle Blog?

The label, lifestyle blog is without universal definition. A lifestyle blog is not limited to a content niche, that is to say, a single, often narrow topic such as photography or gardening ~ as examples. Instead, a lifestyle blog suggests wide and flexible parameters. My website is an ever-evolving panorama of a creative lifestyle, and spans a wide spectrum that includes hobbies, interests, travel, and DIY; and may be subject to whim. If you are a blog surfer, I’m sure you’ve found that lifestyle blogs are varied and unique. My hope is that my blog will be packed with relevant and interesting content that will keep you coming back!

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An Online Journal ~

My purpose in blogging is primarily to create a permanent pictorial journal of my creative undertakings. I hope however, that my blog posts might motivate virtual passers-by to courageously tap into their innate creativity. I am convinced that what differs between us is not the degree to which we are creative, but rather the degree to which we are willing and able to invest time and effort in artistic expression.

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